Our commitment to excellence, attention to detail and personalised service allows us to source the most prepared and motivated security staff for our customers. Our recruitment agencies are located in Ecuador, Jamaica and The Philippines, where many banks, malls, hotels, oil companies and other businesses hire security services. Our recruitment departments use high occupational standards in order to source the most exceptional and prepared workers.

We offer our customers highly professional profiles; most of them are ex-Police Officers, former Military Staff, Bodyguards and experienced Security Guards. Here are some sample profiles:


Miguel Herrera

Security Guard / Intelligence Agent

·More than 8 years of experience in security

·Worked more than one year at J.W. Marriot Hotel as a Security Guard

·Army Intelligence Agent for 7 years

·Excellent knowledge of security systems, safety norms and security procedures

·Provided personal security

·Patrolled industrial and commercial facilities


Juan Jurado

Hotel Security Officer / Tourist Guide

·More than 1 year of work experience at J.W Marriot Hotel

·Inspect and adjust security systems, equipment, and machinery to ensure operational use and to detect evidence of tampering

·Provide tourist information to guests (10years of experience as a Tourist Guide)

·Check compliance with security standards


Petronio Piedra

Security Guard / Bodyguard

·More than 7 years of work experience related to bodyguard protection, safety and security ( United States Embassy, Wackenhut and Exxon oil company)

·Superior knowledge of industrial safety norms, first aid, security and personal protection

·Former member of the Ecuadorian Air Force


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