Our commitment to excellence, attention to detail and personalised service allows us to source the most prepared and motivated personnel. Our foreign workers have experience in different manufacturing industries. Our recruitment offices in Ecuador, Jamaica and ThePhilippines use high occupational standards. Here are some sample profiles:



Joeffrey Saraiaco

Factory Worker

  • More than 6 years of work experience

  • Experience in assembly and plastic molding

  • Excellent knowledge of using micrometer, caliper, height gauge, pin gauge and bore gauges

  • Conduct training and orientation for physical measurement and handling

Mariano Mantalaba

Production Worker / Machine Operator

  • More than 5 years of work experience

  • Bundle a number of finished products (sandals) and pack correctly after bundling, standing for most of the day

  • Operator: Dye and UV cotaer machine, bonding machine, for DVD-R 16X and CD-R 56X Welding

  • Operate lens polishing machines

  • Qualitycontrol of final products


Jayson Bernal

Factory Worker / Machine Operator

  • More than 3 years of experience

  • Checking the material data sheet

  • Inspecting materials to be used

  • Cutting materials to their specified length and width

  • Wrapping cut materials using cleared tape and strap

  • Stamping the material code for delivering

avier Méndez

Assembler / Equipment Maintenance

  • More than 3 years of work experience in the mechanical and electricity fields

  • Operated machines such as electric welder, cutting machines, milling machines

  • Operated fork lift of 20 ton weight

  • Work experience in oil companies

  • Good knowledge of international safety standards

  • Maintained automotive and heavy duty machinery

Alex Portilla

Assembly Man (Welder)

  1. More than 9 years of work experience
  2. 3 years of experience assembling cars, buses and trucks at General Motors

  3. Operated winches, mills, rectifiers, electro-polishers, welders, CNC machinery

  4. Designed molds and matrix of furniture (injection, blowing)

  5. High School Tech Diploma – Industrial Mechanics

Pablo Morillo

FoodProcessor / Food Packer

  • More than 3 years of work experience

  • Operate slicing, vaccum packing and sealing machines

  • Good knowledge of packing sausages, mortadela and ham.

  • Excellent knowledge of pasteurization

  • HACCP & sanitation standards


Marco Teran

Shipper & Receiver / Logistical Coordinator

  • More than 3 years of work experience related to shipping and delivery procedures

  • Superior work experience withoil companies as logistical coordinator (7 years)

  • In charge of construction materials reception and delivery for different projects

  • In charge of oil company´s supplies and products

  • Operated hydraulic fork lifts


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