Our commitment to excellence, attention to detail and personalised service allows us to source the most prepared and motivated personnel in different trades: Welders, Carpenters, Cabinet makers, Pipefitters, Refrigeration Technicians, Electricians, Mechanics, Concrete Workers etc. Our recruitment offices in Ecuador, Jamaica and ThePhilippines use high occupational standards to source the best candidates for your needs. Here are some sample profiles:



William Dimaano

Carpenter / Cabinet Maker

  • More than 15 years of work experience as a Carpenter and Cabinet Maker

  • Responsible for overall installation of gypsum board, partition, walls, aluminum doors and windows

  • Fixing of aluminum ceiling joist and ceiling tiles

  • Building kitchen cabinets, wardrobes and bookshelves

Fernando Abot

Carpenter / Cabinetmaker

  • More than 10 years of work experience as a Carpenter and Cabinet Maker

  • Bulding wooden cabinets, tables, wooden crates, and pallets

  • Repairs of aluminum doors and ceilings

  • Building forms for beams and posts. Installation of door jambs, panels & flushdoors


Christian Rosero


  • More than 6years of work experience as a Carpenter

  • Built high end furniture: living rooms, book shelves, tables, chairs, beds, etc.

  • Set up and operate machines, including power saws, jointers, mortisers, tenoners, molders and shapers, to cut and shape woodstock

  • Studied blueprints, drawings and written specifications of articles to be constructed


Renato Dandan

Carpenter / Foreman

  • More than 9 years of experience

  • Skilled in roofing, making cabinets & shelves, and other aspects of carpentry work

  • Experience as a Foreman

  • Build new outlets and renovate all their rundown buildings or shops



Jan Molina



  • More than 6 years of experience in home furnishing, specializing in high end furniture

  • Skilled in assembly, finishing and upholstery

  • Use of band saw, circular saw, arbor saw, thickness plainer and open plainer, post drill, sander, grinder router, mortiser and carpentry hand tools

  • Safetyregulation compliance


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