Now is the time to get your foreign seasonal workers for the 2021-2022 season.

WorkVantage covers the whole foreign worker staffing process:

1. We identify your particular company requirements.

2. We work with Service Canada to get their approval to hire foreign workers for your company.

3. We have total control of the whole process. Our expert Recruiters and Immigration Consultants in Canada, Ecuador, Mexico, Jamaica, Taiwan, and the Philippines guarantee efficient and professional results.

In the last 14 years, we have helped business owners throughout Canada and have served their different needs of labour. Many of our clients are seasonal businesses such as amusement parks, restaurants, hotels, farms, fisheries, as well as recreational, construction, landscaping, and snow removal companies. We can find almost any type of worker from general labourers to supervisors or managers.

We are skilled at finding cooks, amusement park attendants, fishing vessel deckhands, recreational facility attendants, housekeepers, general farm labourers, and many other occupations.

We are also great at finding candidates for all types of agricultural activities such as crop, dairy, greenhouse, and swine farms. Our goal is to source you with the best suited and committed foreign workers when you need them, whether seasonally or long term.

You will be surprised at how flexible we can be by adapting to your situation. We will always make you our best possible offer. We do not have fixed fees because this is a non-fixed product.

Please call, email, or fill out the form below and one of our knowledgeable representatives will take it from there.





Number of workers, duties, location:

WorkVantage Canada

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2020- 10060 Jasper Ave NW
Scotia Place Tower 1 Box # 151
Edmonton, AB, T5J 3R8

Toll Free: 1 (866) 216-8876
Toronto: 1 (416) 800-0843
Alberta: 1 (403) 450-3432
BC: 1 (604) 957-1247

If you are a foreign worker without a job offer please visit our job board; There you will find all the positions that we have available.

If you are a foreign recruitment agency looking to partner with us, please contact us at +1 647-797-0956.

For foreign workers without a job offer in Canada please only contact us at +1 647-797-0956.



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