What are your fees?

The first question you want to know, and the last one you will get an answer for if the company is serious enough to assess your particular situation instead of just throwing around fixed numbers without any knowledge of your business and its needs.

Our assessment is 100% free and will not obligate you in anyway. In order to give you a quote, one of our Recruitment Consultants will contact you to find out :

  • The type of workers, experience, education and skills you need for a particular position
  • The variety of the advertising you may have done
  • Labour market conditions, contract length, any special job requirements

You will be surprised at how flexible we can be. We will always make you our best possible offer. We do not have fixed fees because this is a non-fixed product.

You have nothing to lose! Call us, email us or fill out the form below and one of our knowledgeable representatives will take it from there.





Number of workers, duties, location:

WorkVantage Canada

Head Office:: 
5000 Yonge Street Suite 1901
Toronto,On, M2N 7E9

Branch Office:

2020- 10060 Jasper Ave NW
Scotia Place Tower 1 Box # 151
Edmonton, AB, T5J 3R8

Toll Free: 1 (866) 216-8876
Toronto: 1 (416) 800-0843
Alberta: 1 (403) 450-3432
BC: 1 (604) 957-1247

If you are a foreign worker without a job offer please visit our job board jobs.workvantage.ca; There you will find all the positions that we have available.

If you are a foreign recruitment agency looking to partner with us, please contact us at +1 647-797-0956.

For foreign workers without a job offer in Canada please only contact us at +1 647-797-0956.



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