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WorkVantage offers a 3 month work performance guarantee from when the worker arrives.

Our teams in Ecuador, Jamaica and The Philippines perform a comprehensive recruitment process according to the specific job requirements and profiles you need for your company. This process includes:

  • Recruiting candidates through the different approaches available within the labour market (telemarketing, mailing, job banks, direct recruitment, media advertising etc.).
  •  Performing an in-depth first interview with potential candidates.
  •  Testing the candidate's English skills.
  •  Checking education and training certificates, diplomas and past work experience.
  • Our Recruitment Consultants in Canada then perform a second interview with every candidate.

In addition, you will be able to perform live interviews with the candidates you select either by video conference or in person at our offices abroad. You will have the opportunity to meet the candidates and have more resources available to make an effective decision.

We source both high skilled and low skilled workers. We offer Canadian employers welders, carpenters, cooks and chefs, hospitality personnel, light duty cleaners, sales people, telecommunications workers, food and beverage servers, manufacturing labourers, labourers in food processing, general farm workers, electronic, mechanical and agricultural technicians.

We recruit our workers from The Philippines, Mexico, Taiwan, Jamaica and Ecuador.

Here are some reasons why working with us gives your company a real advantage:

  • If you do not find appropriate skilled staff within the Canadian labour market, we will source for you highly prepared workers that meet your specific needs and requirements. We cover the whole foreign worker staffing process: we identify your particular company requirements, deal with Service Canada to get their approval to hire foreign workers for your company, and represent the workers before the Canadian Consulate in order to get their work visas. We have total control of the whole process, our recruitment offices in Ecuador, Jamaica and The Philippines have direct access to the local labour markets.
  • We are immigration experts. Our staff include Immigration Consultants that are members of the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants. Weadvise and represent our clients before the government in order to obtain approval to hire foreign workers (Advertising, LMO) in the shortest possible time.
  • Our candidates exceed the qualifications required for the job, have a good English level and are culturally close to the Canadian way of life.
  • Our candidates are willing to establish long term labour relations with their employers which allow them to seek their permanent residence visa to settle in Canada indefinitely. This is a guarantee that they will remain longer in your company and help reduce your labour turnover.
  • Competitive fees.

Depending on several factors such as: the province your company is located in, the position you need to fill and the NOC code associated with it, as well as whether you already have an LMO approved or not etc., the whole process could take from as little as 8 weeks to as long as 8 months. Advertising for the new position, obtaining the LMO (Labour Market Opinion) in Canada and processing the work visa for the selected foreign worker are the 3 main steps you need to take into account when you schedule your hiring process:

  • ADVERTISING FOR THE NEW POSITION is a legal requirement of the Canadian government, designed to prove that the employer has undertaken reasonable recruitment efforts within the local labour market. The time you have to advertise varies from province to province, for example: Alberta: 1 week, British Columbia: 2 weeks, New Brunswick: 2 weeks.
  • APPLYING FOR THE LMO: Processing the LMO with Service Canada will take from 2 weeks to 8 weeks, depending on the province you are in and the current volume of applications they are receiving.
  • PROCESSING THE WORK VISA FOR THE SELECTED FOREIGN WORKER: Once you have the LMO approved, the Canadian Embassy processes the work visa within 3 to 12 weeks, depending on the country the worker is applying from and the current volume of applications that the Embassy is receiving.

Once we know what your staffing requirements are, we will conduct a free assessment on the legal requirements your company needs to fulfill in order to hire a foreign worker, and we will make a schedule of the whole process together with your HR staff so that you can plan accordingly.

The Foreign Worker Program is available in all provinces of Canada.

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